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Lydall has been acquired by Pine Creek Partners

September 23, 2008

Lydall, Inc. (NYSE: LDL) was looking to divest its non-core operating subsidiary, Lydall Transport, Ltd. (“Transport”).  Transport provides distribution, transportation and warehousing services and specializes in time-sensitive shipments and warehouse management for the paper and pulp industry.


  • Transport was no longer considered to be a core focus for its parent


  • Management was seeking to quickly exit the business to focus on its core business operations
  • Transport was facing difficulty in its current operating environment.  Increasing fuel costs and the loss of two key customers impacted interim profitability.

Successful Solution:

  • Anderson LeNeave contacted numerous strategic and financial buyers
  • Lydall Transport, Ltd. was sold to LTL Acquisition, LLC, a company formed by Pine Creek Partners, LLC and the transaction closed within 60 days of executing the LOI

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