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Gorell has been acquired by SoftLite

May 5, 2012

Gorell Enterprises, Inc., d/b/a Gorell Windows & Doors, LLC, headquartered in Indiana, Pennsylvania, is a leading manufacturer of custom, quality and high-performance vinyl replacement windows and doors.


  • Gorell’s business was negatively impacted by the recession and rapid decline in housing starts, housing prices and home renovation projects
  • The Company had completed a large dividend recap prior to the recession and was significantly over-leveraged in relation to its current EBITDA levels.  The company had been placed in the workout group of its bank and told it had limited time to determine outside interest in acquiring or refinancing the business or face foreclosure.


  • While facing immense pressure from its bank, interim financial performance continued to decline, creating a challenge for potential buyers and lenders to move forward

Successful Solution:

  • Anderson LeNeave contacted a focused group of financial institutions and strategic and financial buyers about refinancing or acquiring the Company.  Numerous offers were received, and after being placed in receivership the Company’s manufacturing assets were sold to Soft-Lite, LLC.

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