Anderson LeNeave Offers Mid-market Companies Smart(er) Options



The sale of a business is an extremely important event in the life of a business owner’s ranking right up there with buying a new house, getting married, or having a child. Yet, it is something few business owners are adequately prepared for.

Most business owners are busy just running their businesses, says Greg LeNeave, managing director of Anderson LeNeave & Co. Whether they are looking for financing or considering the sale of their business, they can’t afford to neglect the day-to-day operations to research the alternatives.

And that’s precisely why Anderson LeNeave was founded – to provide help and advice for these business owners. From the very beginning, LeNeave has focused exclusively on family-owned companies, private and publicly held corporations and portfolio companies of private equity groups in the middle market range of $10 to $50 million in enterprise value.

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Anderson LeNeave Smarter Options

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