Southern Hospitality Underwriters, Inc. Tombstone

Case Study – Strategic Sale

Southern Hospitality Underwriters, Inc., headquartered in Griffin, Georgia, is a regional firm specializing in business insurance for the limited hotel / motel space.  The company also places coverage on a brokerage basis for independent and assisted living facilities.


  • Southern Hospitality was owned by two shareholders in which one was not active in the day-to-day operations of the business.  The shareholders decided to sell the business to create liquidity while also allowing the active shareholder to accelerate growth via a larger platform.


  • Shareholders needed a premium valuation to justify the transaction.  The Company had a long and profitable track record, but needed to identify the perfect partner to help and accelerate growth.

Successful Solution:

  • Anderson LeNeave approached a group of strategic buyers over a period of five years to discuss financial and strategic partnerships
  • Southern Hospitality was sold to Swett & Crawford, a Cooper Gay Company, headquartered in London, England